TauTaTis Inc.
CNS Therapeutics for Tau Protein Pathologies
TauTaTis* takes a fundamentally new approach to prevent or halt Alzheimer's disease and a number of similar dementias.

Mishandling of a cell skeleton organizing protein called "Tau" is increasingly recognized as the major direct cause for the malfunction and ultimate death of nerve cells in Alzheimer's disease, while the effects of an abnormal peptide called "Abeta" are more indirect and dependent on other prerequisite conditions.

TauTaTis owns rights to and develops first-in-class compounds for this decisive and most malignant neurodegenerative disease mechanism.

TauTaTis is a pioneer in this area and expects to be a dominant player in this field in alliance with leading academic institutions and potent corporate partners.

*Gallic deity (Tautatis, Toutatis, Teutates); god of wealth, protector of the tribe; also the name of an asteroid
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